Welcome to my online portfolio. I created this site to showcase some of my webdesign and 3D modelling works. You may contact me through e-mail at admin @ davidgbedford.com (remove the spaces) or through a contact form on my contact page that will allow you to send me an e-mail.

      My website also contains Photoshop tutorials I wrote to try and help people better use those programs and give direction in how to design and create a variety of different works. I also have some PHP tutorials for those learning the language to aid them in accomplishing some of the more common and uncommon tasks with the language; such as a private messaging system, a user registration and login system, customizable user profiles, e-mail contact form etc. The tutorials are all relatively easy and have little in the way of extra features, but they get the job done and allow for you to further expand on them and create your own scripts.

     I will be updating within the next few days to expand on the UDK game development and 3d Models that I have been working on. I have found the UDK very interesting to work with and have experience in working with the majority of its features as well as a experience with programming a variety of mechanics in it from Gameplay, AI, UI / HUD, and others.


Download .docx Resume